With the help of so many runners, sponsors and volunteers, our 2012 race was a success. We are so grateful for all that helped support this event to remember Gabriella (Ella) and to support the efforts of our foundation. With the proceeds of the race, the foundation has been able to help several local organizations.

We would love to let you know some of the things we have been able to accomplish with your support. We were able to help provide backpacks and school supplies to children with disabilities. We partnered with the Town of South Congaree to help with their stuff a stocking program. They so graciously renamed this program “Ella’s Stuff a Stocking.” With our help and the generous donations of the town’s people, Christmas gifts and basic necessities were provided to nearly 60 children.

Thank you for helping us make this possible and for your continued support of our cause. We are looking forward to the 2013 race coming in June!

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